About Me

I am Corey Ann and I have been running Corey Ann Photography since 2007. I mainly focus on wedding, corporate and family portrait photography.

My photography shooting style is a photojournalistic with what I call "a dash of Mom." What does that mean? That means that while I'm going to focus on all the moments as they happen during your session - the hugs, the cuddles, the kisses - I'm also going to make you pause and smile at the camera a few times. Moms get mad when there's not a 'nice photo' and while the moments are what take your breath away, the standard smiles never go out of style.

To go along with my method of working a session my style is also what I'd call classic or timeless. While the fashion trends will always somewhat date photos, I never want your images to be edited in a style that screams the year they were taken. I have images on this website I took over 10 years ago and I bet you can't guess which ones they are! That's the same feel I want for the images I capture for you.

As for who I am - well I'm a pretty chill and laid back human with slightly nerdy tendencies. I am an avid reader and read upwards of 100 books a year, rarely am I without my Kindle by my side. I could write a novel just about how much I adore the invention of the eBook! I only allow myself the term slightly nerdy because while I'm not really into comics (more power to those that are!) I do have some fandoms that I go all in on. I have three cats that I adore with my whole heart (Monkey, Dobby the House Cat and Weasley) and a husband that I share the house that I grew up in with. I love to travel when I get the chance but I also love staying home and curling up on the couch with my cats and a good book. I am based in North Canton but go wherever the wind takes me for my clients.

I also firmly believe that a day without laughter is a sad day indeed and Northeast Ohio needs a darn IKEA already.

Photo credit: Andrew Jordan Photography

Headshot portrait of Corey Ann by Andrew Jordan Photography in Hudson Ohio